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A society where everyone enjoys a good later life


Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

What does the Centre for Ageing Better do?

We are the Centre for Ageing Better, an independent charitable foundation. We want a society where everyone enjoys a good later life. See About us to find out more.

Where can I go for practical information and support?

If you’re looking for practical information or support about your state pension, financial advice, support and care, housing options, health, work, or volunteering - we recommend these websites:

How does the Centre for Ageing Better approach its work?

There are three ways of working that underpin everything we do:

In practical terms, this means that we carry out activities such as:

  • Drawing together existing evidence about what works within our areas of work
  • Commissioning new research and evaluation where we see gaps
  • Taking what we find and using this to shape innovative and practical ways of creating a society where everyone enjoys a good later life.
How can I participate in the Centre for Ageing Better’s activities?

See our Get involved section for latest jobs, open projects and other opportunities (such as advisory positions) which support our work.

Or, contact us and tell us about your area of expertise and how you think you could work with us.

What sort of partners are you working with?

We work in partnership with others to share our knowledge and to bring about change to improve later lives. We also work with other organisations to bring together evidence, evaluate current practice, test new approaches and influence decision-makers with the power to change policy and practice.

Do you only work in England?

We are funded by the England Committee of The National Lottery Fund and therefore our work is primarily focused on bringing about change in England.

However, we are also keen to learn from other countries including the other devolved nations of the United Kingdom. We will take our evidence from national and international sources.

Looking for work?

Although we don’t deliver frontline services, we are developing and testing new ways to help people aged 50 and over to get back into work and tackle the issues of unemployment and job insecurity.

If you’re looking for information on how to find work, we can recommend these useful websites: