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Invitation to Tender to understand the role of home adaptations in improving later life

The Centre for Ageing Better has issued an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for primary research to gather real world evidence from practitioners and older people with lived experience into how home adaptations can contribute to improving people’s later lives.

The homes that people live in significantly impact on their wellbeing and ability to live their lives the way they want to.  Home adaptations – ranging from minor adaptations such as additional hand rails to major adaptations such as walk-in baths or stair lifts – can improve the quality of life for people as they age, helping them to feel more confident and in control of their daily activities, can help to prevent falls, and can prevent or delay a move into residential care.

In November 2016 Ageing Better commissioned a team from the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE Bristol) and the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to conduct a review of the published evidence into how home adaptations can contribute to a good later life.

Ageing Better takes a broad view on what constitutes evidence which includes evidence from practice and lived experience.  While some practice evidence will be identified through our review of published research into the role of home adaptations, Ageing Better also want to actively engage with practitioners and people with lived experience to gain real world, in depth evidence so that we can understand the realities of daily practice and experience of individuals.

Through gathering evidence from experienced practitioners, who witness the challenges people face every day, and people with lived experience (and their carers), who live these challenges every day, we can add invaluable insights to inform how to implement the findings from our evidence review of published research.

Rachael Docking, Senior Evidence Manager, the Centre for Ageing Better said:

“With the majority of older people living in existing housing it is essential for us to look for the best solutions to adapting current housing stock. We are gathering some of this information from our current review on the published evidence into the impact of home adaptations, however, it is essential for us to also gather evidence from older people themselves and practitioners to fully understand how home adaptations impact our ability to live our lives the way we want to and bridge the gap between published research and the real world.”

View the full ITT document here and the editable appendices here.

Deadline for tender submissions is 5pm on 21 April 2017.

If you have any questions about the ITT or the tender process please contact