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ITT: Brand refresh and development

We're looking to further develop our brand through some refresh work, focusing on areas such as reports, tone of voice and iconography.

Deadline for submission is Friday 12 July at 5pm. 

With a new strategy, Transforming later lives, we’ve identified a bolder voice to our approach in communications and have more clarity in who we are, how we work and who we work with. We believe this is the right opportunity to further develop our brand.

This brand refresh should not serve to undo our previous brand work or to take us in a completely different direction but is about us building upon our already established brand. We want to elevate it and to sharpen our voice and visual identity, bringing our brand more closely to our strategy – this refresh should help continue to establish us as experts and as an authoritative voice, and help shape how we would like to be seen and talked about.

We are also currently inviting bidders for our ITT on website development and are looking for a new way of working on web development. The brand refresh should feed into the work on the website.

To submit your application, or for any questions, email Deadline for submission is Friday 12 July at 5pm.

ITT: Brand refresh and development


ITT: Submission form

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