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Latest news

A unique group of people - called 'supercentenarians' - are living to age 110 or more. But will the rest of us be as lucky?

As part of the UK Network of Age-friendly Communities, representatives from Age-friendly Cheshire West recently visited the Isle of Wight to learn about the work being done there.

With the population demographic changing, there's now a huge chance for the next government to create a society where we all have the opportunity to age well and enjoy our later lives.

At our breakfast debate in November we explored the role of individuals, employers and policy makers in supporting people to plan for life beyond 50.

Women face financial disadvantages throughout their lives. This can lead to serious inequalities in later life.

Planning deregulation has been high on the political agenda in recent months. But whoever forms the next government must learn from recent experience to ensure that we are creating homes which meet the needs of our changing population.

After the 14th November, women are said to 'work for free' for the rest of the year as a result of the gender pay gap. But how does the gap affect women in later life?

The Centre for Ageing Better appoints David Orr as Associate Director for Housing and Justin Newman as Director of Strategy and Partnerships.

With productivity in the UK falling, much more needs to be done to make sure employers are supporting and upskilling their older workers.