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Areas of Research Interest for COVID-19 and its impact for individuals aged 50-70

This Areas of Research Interest (ARI) document summarises some of the key research questions in relation to the coronavirus pandemic and the implications for those aged 50 to 70.

We'd like to hear from researchers and others interested in working with us. Get in touch at

The Centre for Ageing Better's Areas of Research Interest document sets out some of the main evidence questions that relate to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic (and the related economic and social restrictions introduced by the government) for people aged 50-70. It focuses on questions directly related to individuals’ experiences, rather than the wider experiences of businesses, charities or public services.

Questions in the document cover areas that we know from other evidence will matter greatly to people’s chances of a good later life. The questions related to Ageing Better's existing priorities – including the wider health and wellbeing, social and economic outcomes and prospects for people aged 50 to 70 – as a result of the wider effects of the coronavirus pandemic and policies introduced to manage it.

We are keen to ensure that high-quality research is conducted that will help us to answer these questions. To do this, we expect to:

  • Make extensive use of the outputs from the range of research studies and data collections already underway
  • Commission and fund new research ourselves (such as primary research, evaluation and secondary data analysis)
  • Collaborate with other research funders to design funding calls and/or co-fund research
  • Collaborate with research teams applying for funding for new studies, for example as a named impact partner.

We're keen to hear from researchers, research institutions and research funders interested in working with us in any of these ways, on any of the areas outlined in the document. Contact us at

COVID-19: Areas of research interest document


Ageing Better's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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