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ONS data shows crucial need to better support older workers with health problems or caring responsibilities

ONS data sheds light on two barriers to working in later life – health and caring.

Patrick Thomson, our lead on age-friendly employment, says employers must make sure that good quality work becomes the standard, not the exception.

ONS has published 'Living Longer', an overview of two barriers to working at older ages – health and caring. Many people between age 50 and 64 would like to keep on working, but struggle to balance employment with managing health conditions or caring for loved ones. 

Patrick Thomson, Senior Programme Manager at the Centre for Ageing Better, said:

"With a rising state pension age and more and more people in mid-life trying to balance caring and ill-health with employment, it’s vital we do much more to support them. These latest figures show more than a third of people aged 50 to 64 years would like to work but can’t because of ill-health or disability.

“With the right support from employers, through flexible working options and adaptations, more people could be helped to stay in work. As more of us work for longer, workplaces need to catch up to make sure that good quality work becomes the standard not the exception.

“Government must promote a joined-up approach to support health in work, particularly for slow-onset, age-related conditions, and give guidance to employers and workers on what support is available.”

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