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Mapping the measurement maze 

Measurement is an essential part of achieving social change. The Ageing Better Measures Framework is a new tool to help understand the dynamics of ageing.  

We have developed the Ageing Better Measures Framework (ABMF), a non-exhaustive collection of 63 measures, survey scales and associated data sources

Measurement is an essential tool for anyone interested in achieving social change. But measurement can be difficult, and there are a huge range of different ways to collect the data that might be useful – especially when not everyone agrees on what  to measure and how to do it.  

This is particularly true for a topic as broad as ageing, where interventions in one area (such as housing) may well have a major impact in others (like health, wellbeing, or financial security). 

To help us to map and navigate this measurement maze, we have developed the Ageing Better Measures Framework (ABMF), a non-exhaustive collection of 63 measures, survey scales and associated data sources. 

Ageing Better Measures Framework

Download (excel)

The framework is designed to help measure outcomes at an individual level. It covers material across twelve different topics and is a versatile tool that we hope will be useful to many different audiences, from service providers delivering on the ground, funders deciding what to fund, and to anyone interested in the broad topic of later life.  

The future of measuring ageing 

While we are launching our Measures Framework today, we expect that it will remain a ‘work in progress’ as more people and organisations start to use it and we are advised of other and new measures we can add to it. Within the framework itself, there’s an option to provide feedback, as we’ll be reviewing it every six months and publishing an updated version. 

At Ageing Better, we are already using the framework in our own work and are sharing insights and learnings with colleagues at the Office for National Statistics, Public Health England, and the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. It is also being used at a local level through our partnerships with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Leeds City Council and Leeds Older People’s Forum

Our hope is that this framework will be a useful catalyst for others interested in understanding what it is really like to grow old in our society – and those who want to make later life better for everyone. We’re keen to hear your views, so please do send us your thoughts and suggestions when using the framework.  

Image copyright Danni Mauibaum

Measuring ageing: An introduction to the Ageing Better Measures Framework

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Luke Price
Evidence Manager