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Response to Independent Age report on social care costs

We respond to new research on social care and call for the Government to consider legislating for flexible, paid carers’ leave.

The report from Independent Age on social care costs shows that 51% of homeowners in England aged 50 and over fear losing their savings and homes to pay for their care.

Claire Turner, Director of Evidence at the Centre for Ageing Better said:

“With an ageing population and increasing numbers of people living alone or at risk of financial hardship as they age, this research is yet another reminder of the potentially huge cost of social care to individuals.

“As well as this, there are 1.3 million ‘sandwich carers’ looking after children while caring for an older relative, many of them struggling financially and unable to stay in work. Too many people find themselves unable to balance caring responsibilities with work.

“In addition to delivering a properly funded and effective social care system, the Government should consider legislating for flexible, paid carers’ leave and give carers a Right to Return to the same job.”

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