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When We're 64

When We're 64 – Your Guide to a Great Later Life

New book from Louise Ansari, published by Green Tree – Bloomsbury, gives the essential guide to making sure you have a fabulous later life.

When We’re 64 is a friendly, practical guide to preparing for what could be the best years of your life – from the essentials on work and how to fund retirement, to volunteering, where to live and what kind of housing you’ll need

Today’s fifty-year-olds are likely to have an astounding 36 or more years to live. So if you’re approaching later life, you need to think very differently about what those extra years will hold.

This book is going to help you get ready for a major adventure. You are likely to live longer than you think – and I can tell you now, you’re not prepared for it. You’re not prepared to make it the happiest time of your life. You might have thought about one or two elements – your pension perhaps or getting a bit fitter – but there’s much more to consider. Not sure where to start? Help is at hand. When We’re 64 arms readers with the knowledge, tips and pointers to think very differently about the amazing opportunity that a long life can bring…

An easy to read excellent guide, full of practical advice to help prepare us for a happy and healthy older age. Common sense hints and re-assurances to confirm that age is but a number!
Diana Moran, Green Goddess

The ultimate practical guide to later life, When We’re 64 includes all the essentials on working longer, how to fund retirement, volunteering, where to live, what kind of house you’ll need, how to stay healthy – and still live a full life if you get a health condition – and how your attitude towards ageing could actually increase your lifespan. There are sections on relationships with family and friends, as well as caring for older relatives and how to navigate the system, plus a sensitive look at loneliness amongst other areas.

Filled with expert advice and new evidence and tips on how to age well, When We’re 64 is an eminently readable light-hearted look at how to plan and prepare for what could be the best years of your life.

Louise Ansari is donating royalties from When We’re 64 to North London Cares, a community network of young professionals and older neighbours who hang out together and help one another.

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When We're 64 – Your Guide to a Great Later Life

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