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Age-friendly employers

By working with employers to promote age-friendly workplaces, we're supporting more people over the age of 50 to remain in good work for longer.

Work is important financially and is also a major source of social connections. Good quality, fulfilling work is important financially, gives people a sense of purpose and is a major source of social connections.

More people aged 50 and over are in paid work. We want to ensure that working longer is a positive experience that supports people to enjoy a good later life.

We’re working with employers to promote age-friendly workplaces, that help more people aged 50 and over to be in fulfilling work.

age-friendly employers
Why work on it?

Later life in 2015 told us that many people feel the need to work longer, or to return to work, for financial reasons. For those who can work longer, good quality paid work also provides social interaction, meaning and purpose. While some employers do recognise the importance of retaining an older workforce, many don’t, and evidence on which practices are most effective are not widely understood.

Our report Fulfilling work: what do older workers value about work and why? identifies the characteristics of work that are important to people aged 50 and over, and explores actions employers can take to attract and retain them. Understanding what older workers want is the first step in helping employers, policy makers and others create age-friendly workplaces.

We are partners with the Business in the Community Age at Work campaign. We are working with employers to draw together and share the evidence about age-friendly workplaces, learn from what leading employers are doing, and spread what works. We have a shared goal to increase the number of people over the age of 50 in fulfilling work by 1 million over five years between 2017 and 2022.

A guide to becoming an age-friendly employer

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Get involved
  • Are you are an employer who has initiatives that support age-friendly workplaces?
  • Are you delivering a service or intervention designed to support people into work?
  • Do you have personal experience that could help inform the design of interventions and solutions?
  • Please get in touch if you have information to contribute or ideas you'd like to share. 

Fulfilling work: What do older workers value about work and why?

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