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Age-friendly till

Age-friendly employers

Our aim is to promote more age-friendly workplaces that help people aged 50 and over to be in fulfilling work.

We are working with employers to promote age-friendly workplaces and supporting more older workers to remain in good work for longer.

Nearly one in three workers in the UK are aged 50 and over, and with the average employee in the UK in their 40s, this is set to grow over the next decade.   

While some employers do recognise the importance of retaining an older workforce, many don’t, and evidence on which practices are most effective are not widely understood. That is why we’re working with employers to promote age-friendly workplaces that help more people aged 50 and over to be in fulfilling work. 

Our research identified the characteristics of work that are important to people aged 50 and over and explored actions employers can take to attract and retain older workers. 

Based on insights from employers and employees, we produced a practical summary of what you can do as an employer to become more age-friendly. The guidelines cover everything from recruitment to supporting health at work and how to help staff in mid-life to plan for their future. 

With more than 10 million older workers, we want to ensure that working longer is a positive and supportive experience.