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Taking a local approach to ageing

We want more people to live in age-friendly communities.

In age-friendly communities, people of all ages actively participate, it is easy for people to stay connected, active and healthy in later life, and appropriate support is available to those who need it. Age-friendly communities are built around suitable homes and neighbourhoods, designed to encourage physical activity, be safe and bring people of all ages together. They enable people to contribute to and receive support from their community.

We are working in partnership with places that want to become more age-friendly, helping them find what will make the most difference in their local context.

Why work on it?

Most parts of England are undergoing a profound shift in their demographics as more people are living longer, the baby boomers age and birth rates are historically low. Many local areas see this as a challenge, and focus on the pressures on public services and budgets, particularly social care. But we also know that the ageing population is an opportunity if the assets and skills of people in later life are harnessed.

The Centre for Ageing Better will work with and support places to systematically apply evidence, learn from each other and develop and test innovative new approaches.

Ageing Better believes that by working together we will be able to increase the number of people who are enjoying a good later life in these areas.

We will work with localities to help them build age-friendly communities by:

  • Adopting and implementing evidence of what works to improve later life for local people
  • Designing and testing innovative approaches to tackling inequalities in later life
  • Harnessing resources and ideas from different people and organisations in order to respond to specific local issues and challenges
  • Sharing what we learn with other areas and national policy makers

Latest activity

Working with localities:

  • Our first locality partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) will run until 2021. We are working with Greater Manchester to realise their commitment to becoming an age-friendly city region. The partnership represents a major opportunity to harness GMCA’s devolved powers and budgets, alongside evidence and good practice from the region and beyond, in order to improve later life for people across Greater Manchester.
  • The partnership will start by developing and testing a new approach to supporting individuals aged 50 years and over to re-enter the labour market.  Ageing Better will also work with GMCA to ensure that the current and future housing stock meets the needs of an ageing population and will develop and test new innovative models of housing.
  • In 2017 we will develop partnerships with at least two further local areas to create a better later life for residents.
  • Our UK Age-friendly Communities Network will help members to learn from each other, apply what works, and share their successes and challenges more widely.

Have a look at our ‘Improving life in Greater Manchester’ infographics.

Support us

Please get in touch if you are able to contribute information or ideas because:

  • you are doing relevant research
  • you have ideas about how the Centre for Ageing Better can make most difference
  • you share our ambitions and would like to explore how you could contribute or work with us