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Fulfilling work

Fulfilling work

Our goal is 1 million more people aged 50 to 69 in fulfilling work by 2022.

We will help make employers more age-friendly, promote health at work, and find new ways to support people who want to get back into work.

More people are working for longer, but employment rates still fall off rapidly from the age of 55 onwards. By the year before people reach state pension age, over half have already stopped working. 

Supporting people to be in good quality work for as long they want is critical for their financial security now and into the future, as well as a vital opportunity to help them manage their health and improve their wellbeing.  

Our aim is for more people aged 50 and over to be in fulfilling work by: 

  • Age-friendly employers: Improving workplace practices to help people remain in work for as long as they want

  • Worklessness – employment support: Improving support for people seeking to return to work

Our programmes

Older worker in Tesco working on till

Age-friendly employers

Our aim is to promote more age-friendly workplaces that help people aged 50 and over to be in fulfilling work.

Group of people in later life in a bar

Worklessness and employment

Our aim is to develop and test new ways of helping people aged 50 and over get back into work.