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David Lloyd

Healthy ageing

Our goal is for people to have five more years free of preventable disability, and to reduce the gap between the richest and poorest people in disability-free life expectancy by 2035.

We will bring together a wide range of organisations who together can ensure more of us age well, support local areas to take an integrated approach to healthy ageing, and identify and test interventions to influence behaviour change.

For too many people, later life is seen as a time of reduced mobility and disability. This is a burden on both the individual and our health and social care systems. 

Health as we age is fundamental to our quality of life, allowing us to remain independent, to work or be involved in our local community and maintain social connections. While people are living longer, the number of years lived in poor health and with disability are increasing.

We're working with Public Health England, along with over 60 organisations, to make England the best country in the world to grow old.

Our aim is for more people to reach later life in good health and free of disability by:

  • Persistent and coordinated actions by a wide range of actors nationally 

  • Changes to structural and environmental factors influencing health locally 

  • Effective interventions to influence individuals to adopt healthy behaviours

Our programmes

Older Asian woman using resistance band

Strength and balance

Our aim is for more people to have the opportunity to maintain and improve muscle strength and balance in later life.