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Leeds Neighbourhood Network

We're evaluating the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks in order to understand how community-based approaches can promote better health and participation in our communities.

The Leeds Neighbourhood Network is a celebrated network of voluntary organisations working across Leeds at a local level, promoting community participation, social connection and healthy ageing.

What is the Leeds Neighbourhood Network?  

The Leeds Neighbourhood Network comprises 37 voluntary organisations working across the whole of Leeds (known as 'Neighbourhood Networks').  

Each area works with members and volunteers to deliver a range of activities to improve and promote health and wellbeing, including advice and information, help around the home, healthy living activities, leisure and recreation, transport and general support. 

The Networks’ innovative approach means many other parts of the country are keen to understand more about what the Networks do and the impact they have.

Learning from the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks 

Working together with our strategic partners – Leeds City Council and Leeds Older People’s Forum – we have commissioned Sheffield Hallam University to evaluate the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks. As well as sharing good practice locally and amongst the Networks, we want to be able to share this work nationally and with other communities across the country. The evaluation will help us understand whether the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks work, how they work, and who benefits from them.

Our evaluation plan

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have altered our original evaluation plans to respond to the crisis with a 'Real Time Evaluation'. This will involve timely research which supports local and national understanding of how the Networks are responding to the crisis and the challenges faced. This will not only enable more informed decision making at a local level but we hope also inspire other areas to reflect upon their own approaches to community support as we begin to rebuild after COVID-19.