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Other Activities

The Centre for Ageing Better carries out additional activities and projects outside of our main topic areas. These all support us achieving our overall vision.

Inequalities in Later Life

The Centre for Ageing Better has commissioned the University of Newcastle to conduct a scoping review of the research evidence on the scale, nature and influences of inequalities in later life.

This review, which will inform and underpin our future work, will enable us to understand the areas of later life where inequalities are greatest. It will also allow us to help us identify the most promising opportunities to intervene to narrow these inequalities.


Transform Ageing

The Centre for Ageing Better will be working with the Design Council to support a new Big Lottery funded initiative in partnership with UnLtd, and the South West Academic Health Science Network.

Transform Ageing is a new, cross-sector partnership bringing together people in later life, social entrepreneurs and health and social care leaders to define, develop and deliver new, people-centred solutions that better support the needs and aspirations of our ageing communities.


Our areas of work

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