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Browse publications, including reports and infographics, on each of our four priorities and other areas of work.

All our publications are available to download free of charge.

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Latest publications

Mobility and transport are key in helping people to remain healthy, active and connected in later life. This report explores how the current transport system is complex and fragmented, leading to barriers in innovation and collaboration to support healthier later lives.

This report highlights the importance of providing support to employees in mid-life as a way of helping them stay in work for longer if they want to, plan for what they will need in retirement, and think ahead about their future needs.

This evaluation looks at group-based courses that provide psychological and emotional support for later life transitions.

This paper provides a discussion on where further investment and innovation is necessary and proposes how the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund can fill identified gaps and complement existing initiatives.

This report demonstrates the need for understanding the local context and speaking to local communities when developing information and advice services.

One year on from our strategy, Transforming later lives, we look back on our achievements in 2018-19 across our priority work areas.

This review looks at the evidence around active labour market policies aimed at tackling the challenges of worklessness amongst those aged 50 and over.

Our State of Ageing 2019 report uses publicly available data to give a snapshot of what life is like for people aged 65 and older today, while looking at key areas: work and finances, housing, health and communities.

The Centre for Ageing Better developed the Healthy Ageing Challenge Framework, which is intended to stimulate ideas and provide thinking points for the ISCF.