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Browse publications, including reports and infographics, on employment, housing, health and communities.

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Shut out

Shut out: How employers and recruiters are overlooking the talents of over 50s workers

This report looks at the current and future recruitment landscape for older workers. It is the first publication in a series from our Good Recruitment for Older Workers (GROW) project.

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Age-positive images

Age-positive images: Guide and terms to using our image library

This simple guide sets out the usage of terms and includes tips on commissioning your own photography that represents the reality and diversity of later life.

Ageing in society
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LNN report

Ever more needed? The role of the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks during the COVID-19 pandemic

This report draws on the findings of a ‘Real Time Evaluation’ (RTE) of the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks during the pandemic, as a way to understand and share learning about their response.

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Homes for life

Homes for life – Guide to accessible homes

Fewer than one in ten homes in England are suitable for older or disabled people to visit, never mind live in. This guide makes the case for a change in building regulations and provides tools to help make that happen.

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Helping out

Helping out: Taking an inclusive approach to engaging older volunteers

This guide is designed as a practical tool to support organisations working with volunteers to engage over 50s and widen participation among different types of people.

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Timewise Felxible Working

Flexible working for over 50s – A toolkit for employers

Developed in partnership with Timewise and based on extensive research and employer pilots, this toolkit sets out to maximise the benefits of flexible working for both businesses and individuals.