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Developing the mid-life MOT

Showcasing four case studies, this report outlines the response to the recommendation to introduce a ‘mid-life MOT’ in John Cridland’s independent review of state pension age.

Supporting workers in mid-life is a key part of being an age-friendly employer. Following the recommendation for a mid-life MOT outlined in the Cridland Review of state pension age, four organisations – Aviva, Legal & General (L&G), the Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) and Mercer – have developed and tested how the concept could be delivered in practice. All parties recognise a need to help people adapt to a longer working life – for the individual’s benefit, the employer’s benefit, and for the UK economy. This report, compiled by the Centre for Ageing Better, summarises the actions taken, and the lessons learnt.

All parties are positive about their findings and the demand they found from participants. A holistic focus on the three elements of work, wealth and wellbeing was well received. There a range of lessons for anyone providing a mid-life MOT to consider:

  • Know your target audience – consider the purpose and intended outcomes
  • ‘Age’ is not a fixed concept – consider what age you are targeting the service to
  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ for delivery – whether by telephone consultations, face-to-face, groups sessions or online tools consider what format is most applicable and effective for the intended participant group.
  • Keep the content focused – MOTs can’t cover everything, prioritisation in content is important to maintain focus, clarity of purpose and participant engagement.
  • The mid-life MOT is a process not a one-off event – practical outputs, signposting and follow ups are required to engage and benefit participants.

Developing the mid-life MOT


Industry heavyweights lead development of 'mid-life MOT'

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