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A Research & Evaluation Framework for Age-friendly Cities

A practical resource for cities looking to develop age-inclusive programmes and initiatives.

With key facts, evidence reviews and summaries for each of the WHO Age-friendly domains, this Framework draws on the latest academic research to provide a series of practical steps that cities can start to take to set up and evaluate their own successful Age-friendly initiatives. 

How to Use

Intended as an accessible, reader-friendly document, the Framework offers a basic foundation for understanding the key issues involved in developing Age-friendly cities.

Structured around seven of the WHO domains, each section includes:

  • detailed summaries and critical research reviews of each domain;
  • key facts to bear in mind;
  • an index of useful resources and toolkits for reference; and
  • a series of recommendations – practical ‘Next Steps’ cities can take as they devise and deliver Age-friendly strategies and initiatives.

There is also a section in the Framework to help cities assess and evaluate the effectiveness of their programmes across each of the domains. These templates support the aspirational intentions that underpin the Age-friendly Cities movement: that cities committed to Age-friendly principles need to work towards and demonstrate, in alignment with the WHO’s own criteria, a ‘continuous cycle of improvement’.

A Research & Evaluation Framework for Age-friendly Cities