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Read all the latest case studies and personal stories from the Centre for Ageing Better

Older couple looking onto a river

Find out more about examples of good practice and people's experiences of growing older.

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Latest stories

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Mark's voice

Mark’s voice - redundancy during a pandemic

Mark had been working at a telecommunications company for 24 years before being made redundant at the end of 2020, and at 55 was still a way off retirement.

  • Work
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Existing homes

Carole's voice - the need for suitable homes

Carole is a wheelchair user and lives in a second-floor flat, in a block that has no lift. She has been waiting for two years for a flat she can leave and return to without help, and close to her only friend in the city.

  • Housing
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Trevor's voice - the need for suitable homes

Trevor, 73, has a serious heart condition that makes it difficult for him to get upstairs. His 69-year-old wife is his carer and after she’s helped him shower and dress in the morning, he stays downstairs until bedtime.

  • Housing
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Jen and Hel

Jen's voice - LGBT+ History Month

Attitudes to sexuality have changed a great deal in Jen's lifetime – from her childhood in rural Scotland to her involvement with Opening Doors London today.

  • Ageing in society
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Denise's voice - ageism in recruitment

The carer has experienced different forms of ageism over the years but says that employers are overlooking good workers because of their age.

  • Work
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Black History Month

Patricia's voice - ageism in recruitment

The school worker experienced ageism after returning to work from shielding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Work
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Elizabeth's voice - Work after redundancy

Elizabeth talks about her journey back into fulfilling work after being made redundant seven years ago.

  • Work
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Walking football

Age-friendly Barnsley's walking football

This is the story of how Wombwell Main FC in Barnsley is encouraging people to get active as a way of improving lifestyle.

  • Communities