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Case studies

Read all the latest case studies and personal stories from the Centre for Ageing Better

Older couple looking onto a river

Find out more about examples of good practice and people's experiences of growing older.

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Latest stories

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Walking football

Age-friendly Barnsley's walking football

This is the story of how Wombwell Main FC in Barnsley is encouraging people to get active as a way of improving lifestyle.

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Age-friendly case study: Crowdfund Sunderland

A new initiative from Sunderland City Council enables local organisations to fund and deliver projects that matter to their local area.

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Jane's voice

Jane's voice - the need for suitable homes

After a major operation and treatment for blood cancer, Jane wasn’t able to walk – but she could begin to regain the use of her legs if she was able to do simple exercises in the safety of her own home.

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Out and About Cards

Out and About Cards

Out and About Cards were developed on the Isle of Wight as part of the Island’s COVID recovery. The idea came from a member of the Age Friendly Island’s Older Persons Steering Group, a small working group of older people interested in influencing policy and decision-making.

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Why Steve is #AgeProud

"You do get reflective when you think about retirement, and about your kids and grandkids. I have all these special skills and I don’t want to lose them, but now I can help my kids set up their homes, helping with practical stuff and passing these skills on."

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Why Michi is #AgeProud

"Whatever age you are, it’s always the oldest you’ve ever been! People always say that they’ve changed so much and they would never want to be in their 20s again for example. But I’ve always felt exactly the same!"

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Chris #AgeProud

Why Chris is #AgeProud

"I’ve used a lot of WhatsApp this year which has been a lifeline. I became a grandmother for the first time this year. It’s been so hard not being able to see my grandson, I worry he won’t remember me."

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Virtual bike

Wigan Council's virtual bike rides

The Care to Move initiative is helping thousands of people living in care homes to take part in fun and sustainable physical activity directly indoors.