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Sage ballet, Newcastle

Our partners

We work in partnership with others to share our knowledge and to bring about change to improve later lives.

We work with other organisations to bring together evidence, evaluate current practice, test new approaches and influence decision-makers with the power to change policy and practice.

We have strategic partnerships that help us to bring about change for people in later life:

  • We are partnering with organisations that have a broad base of knowledge and evidence on ageing
  • We are collaborating with organisations that have the ability to apply evidence for change across several domains
  • We are working in partnership with places that want to become more age-friendly, helping them find what makes the most difference in their local context
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Our current partners
  • International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK)
    ILC-UK is focused on some of the biggest challenges facing government and society in the context of demographic change. We are working with ILC to bring together evidence on certain topics and to share and spread this learning to key decision-makers.
  • Design Council
    We are supporting the Design Council’s Transform Ageing programme to define, develop and deliver new solutions that better support the needs and aspirations of our ageing communities.
  • Business in the Community
    We are partners with BitC’s 'Age at Work' campaign, which is committed to enabling businesses to support people to stay in work longer. We are working with BitC to promote age-friendly workplaces and to identify and test what works to recruit, retrain and retain older workers.
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
    The Gulbenkian Foundation’s Transitions in Later Life programme is focused on helping people in mid to later life feel better supported to manage changes as they age. Together, we co-commissioned the project’s evaluation to understand what approaches are promising in supporting transitions in later life.
  • Housing LIN
    We are working with Housing LIN to influence a wide range of key housing audiences to ensure current and new housing is designed and adapted for our ageing population.
  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)
    GMCA has committed to become the UK’s first age-friendly city region. We are working with GMCA to support individuals aged 50 and over to re-enter the labour market. We will also work together to ensure that the current and future housing stock meets the needs of an ageing population.
  • Leeds City Council and Leeds Older People's Forum
    We are supporting Leeds’ ambition to become ‘The Best City to Grow Old in’ and are working with them to create more age-friendly transport, housing, communities and neighbourhoods.