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Our vision and mission

Our vision is a society where everybody enjoys a good later life.

We believe that more people living longer represents a huge opportunity for society.

Our mission is to bring about change to improve later lives, bring fresh thinking to the challenges and opportunities that society faces as more people live longer, and to develop, share and apply evidence to help people age better.

The potential is there for most of us to live for longer in good health, to have financial security and to be connected with others. Realising this opportunity, however, needs a radical shift both in the way we think about our lives and how society responds to the opportunities and challenges of an ageing population.

We want more people in future to say...

 I feel prepared for later life
I feel in control
I am active and connected
I live in an age-friendly community

We have used the results of a major study – Later life in 2015 – alongside existing research and the views of other organisations working in the field to identify areas that are key to achieving our vision.