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Older lady in hijab by stall in East Street Market

What we do

We work to create a society in which everyone enjoys a good later life.

We start with the person, we are focused on change, and driven by evidence. We are confident, independent, open and collaborative.

How we work

There are five guiding principles to help us realise our mission:

  • We start with the person: What we do is rooted in what matters to people as they prepare for and experience later life. We will work across sectors and boundaries and listen to and act on the voices of those we are here to help.
  • We are focused on change: We aim to help as many people as possible, while also focusing on those most likely to miss out. We are in it for the long term, seeing through our commitments, making a difference today and for future generations.
  • We are driven by evidence: Evidence drives everything we do. We use evidence – and what we learn – to inform what we do, how we do it, what we say and how we measure our impact.
  • We are confident and independent: Our independence allows us to be bold and innovative. We are not afraid to speak out and challenge assumptions, based on what the evidence tells us. We try out new things, including working on issues no one else is.
  • We are open and collaborative: We collaborate with organisations and individuals, sharing our knowledge and learning. We are transparent in our approach, decisions and the impact of our work, and are always open to ideas and innovation.

Find out more about our vision and mission and how we're bringing about change to improve later lives.

Woman sitting in armchair

Evidence drives everything we do. We use evidence to inform what we do, how we do it, what we say and how we measure our impact.

Family group at care home

Our approach to involving people with lived experience in our work.

Making a collage

We try out new ideas and encourage the uptake of proven approaches to improve later lives.

We bring about change by:
  • Working with others to bring together the evidence on a topic, evaluate current practice and develop and test new approaches
  • Influencing national and local decision makers by communicating the changes that are needed to the system in order to improve later life
  • Sharing knowledge on the evidence for what works to improve later life and ensuring it is understood and widely applied
A society where everyone enjoys a good later life.

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