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Case studies

Read all the latest case studies and personal stories from the Centre for Ageing Better

Older couple looking onto a river

Find out more about examples of good practice and people's experiences of growing older.

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Computer screen

David's voice - Getting back into work during COVID-19

David, 56, had a twenty-year career as a high-profile trade union official. But after he left work to care for his partner in 2010, he’s struggled to get back into work.

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Huntly Bus Service

Reworking the rural community bus during the COVID-19 pandemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, rural areas were already facing huge challenges connecting those within the community to each other, but the virus has forced places to radically adapt.

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How Barnsley is using recycled tech to support its local care homes

An initiative from Barnsley council has seen refurbished laptops and tablets given to care homes in order to give them the support and help they need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Leeds is utilising virtual coffee mornings during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Cross Gates & District Good Neighbours' Scheme CIO in Leeds have moved their services online during the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought challenges and opportunities in equal measure.

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Open laptop.

Maureen's voice - Getting online during the COVID-19 pandemic

For many in later life getting online can be quite a daunting prospect, but 83-year-old Maureen has taken up the challenge and shown how important it can be.

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Coffee morning

Angela's voice - The importance of intergenerational relationships

Intergenerational relationships are important for those in later life to feel connected to their community and improve their wellbeing.

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Application form

Amir's voice - Four years of job applications

Amir, who is in his early 50s, talks about his struggles with finding employment after spending the last four years applying for jobs.

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Mary's voice

After ill health, a marriage break-up and earning a degree from university, Mary has been liberally applying for jobs without much luck.