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Funding opportunities

We aim to create a society in which everyone enjoys a good later life. We use funding as a tool to develop the evidence on what works, to promote and test innovation, to share learning and good ideas, and to foster change at scale.

We do this by:

  • Seeding innovation, by stimulating new ideas or funding prototypes
  • Strengthening evidence, by funding pilots or evaluating promising approaches
  • Scaling proven solutions, working with other funders and stimulating demand
  • Sharing learning and supporting collaboration
  • Spreading what works, by working in partnership with local areas and others

We do not fund ongoing service delivery, as this is not our mission or role. Instead we use funding to support evidence based change, by evaluating what’s already happening, or developing and testing new approaches. There are currently no open calls for funding opportunities.

We use the evidence and the views of people in later life as well as others working on common issues to identify where our funding can make the most difference. We use this to define the outcomes, scope and criteria for individual funding streams under each area of work.

As with all our work, we are keen to work in partnership with others. We are actively developing links with:

  • Other funders working on ageing and the topics that matter for a better later life
  • Local areas who can develop and test new ideas and scale up proven approaches
  • Those involved in developing and supporting new or promising initiatives for a better later life

As our work in this area develops, we will publish more details on our approach to funding and also consultations on our funding approach to specific areas of work. As well as calls for funding, we will publish all our funding awards and the results and evidence from funded activities. Please visit our current opportunities page and sign up to our email updates to keep up to date with funding opportunities.