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Invitation to Tender: Leeds Neighbourhood Network Schemes Evaluation

We are encouraging bidders to take an iterative, theory-based approach to this evaluation.

We are interested in the Leeds Neighbourhood Network schemes (LNNS) as they represent a city-wide example of a community centred approach that may be contributing both to community and health outcomes.

Leeds City Council is committed to improving the experience of its ageing population. Priority two of Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy focuses on becoming a city where people age well.

In October 2017 Centre for Ageing Better signed a memorandum of understanding with Leeds City Council (LCC) and Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF). The purpose of the partnership is to enable Leeds to:

  • adopt evidence-based practice into city systems
  • to pilot innovative approaches and to generate new evidence that can be shared locally, regionally, nationally and internationally by Ageing Better, LCC, LOPF and other stakeholders.

The Centre for Ageing Better has funded a post hosted by Leeds City Council which acts as a key liaison between Ageing Better, Leeds City Council and Leeds Older People’s Forum. This post will be key link for the evaluators as the work progresses.

The Invitation to Tender return shall state the following title: ‘Leeds Neighbourhood Network Schemes Evaluation’.

Bidders shall submit one electronic copy Invitation to Tender by no later than 16 July 5pm via e-mail to:

ITT: Leeds Neighbourhood Network Schemes Evaluation


ITT: Submission Form

Download Word Doc

LNNS Background Document


A suppliers' event was held in March to discuss our approach to the evaluation – these are the slides:

LNNS Supplier Event Presentation