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Key worker

Response to new stats from ONS showing 3.4m key workers are 50 or over

New ONS figures today show that 3.4 million key workers are over the age of 50, making up almost a third of all key workers. An estimated 130,000 key workers are over the age of 70.

Our Senior Evidence Manager, Emily Andrews, argues that older workers are the backbone to Britain's public services and they should be supported in the workplace. 

Emily Andrews, Senior Evidence Manager and the Centre for Ageing Better, said:

"As these figures show, older workers are the backbone of Britain’s public services and are vital to keeping going through this crisis. 3.4 million key workers are over 50, and 130,000 are over 70. They are our doctors, our nurses, our teachers, our bus drivers.

"These workers make an immeasurable contribution in normal times – and the work they do is needed more than ever as we face the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak. It’s never been more crucial that they are supported in their work.

"This means enabling people to work flexibly, which is vital in particular for the many key workers with caring responsibilities, and better support to manage health conditions in the workplace. There can be no place for ageism or age discrimination in our workplaces."

Ageing Better's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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