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Becoming an age-friendly employer

The older workforce is already a reality. This guide sets out five simple actions that employers can take now to improve the way they recruit, support and retain older workers.

Nearly one in three workers in the UK are aged 50 and over, and with the average employee in the UK in their 40s, this is set to grow over the next decade. With many more people working into their 60s and beyond, people aged 50 may have another 20 years of working life ahead of them.

As the workforce gets older, the competition is now on for the best and most experienced staff. There are fewer school leavers, and the expectation is that it will become harder and harder to fill vacancies with workers from outside the UK.

The older workforce is already a reality. Employers need to act now to attract and retain older workers or they will fall behind their competitors.

Based on insights from both employers and employees, this report is a practical summary of what you can do as an employer to become more age-friendly, covering everything from recruitment to supporting health at work  and how to help staff in mid-life to plan for their future.

Becoming an age-friendly employer


Guide: Becoming an age-friendly employer

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Evidence report: Becoming an age-friendly employer

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Call for employers to do more for older workers

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