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In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, articles that celebrate a ‘cull’ of the elderly remind us to think more carefully about our attitudes towards ageing.

The outbreak of COVID-19 means the most vulnerable in society will be spending at least the next 12 weeks in isolation, in so called 'shielding', but what implications does this have for their physical and mental wellbeing?

The NHS is calling on 65,000 retired staff to return to support the fight against COVID-19: Who are they, why did they leave and what can they expect when they return?

While some employers are already making headway in creating age-friendly workplaces, increased education and uptake of inclusive practices is needed to keep more of us in work for longer.

Although longer life expectancy is regarded positively and reflects societal progress in healthcare, later life is still synonymous with ill-health, resulting in ‘inevitable’ cognitive and physical decline.

With the threat of COVID-19 taking hold, more people will be spending a considerable amount of time in self-isolation, but there are ways people of all ages and ability can keep active through a variety of exercises.

Attitudes to ageing and older people in the UK are mostly negative, according to a review of the evidence, with older people seen as incompetent, hostile or a burden on society.

Limited access to public transport, health services and other crucial facilities can present additional challenges to people living in rural communities, compared to those in urban communities.

When we picture how we’d like to spend later life, our goals and ideals can differ based on our cultural background and family traditions.