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Latest news

Not spending time with people of different age groups has an impact on stereotyping, prejudice and ageism.

New report from the Centre for Ageing Better and Care & Repair England has found that over two million over-55s are living in a home that endangers their health or wellbeing.

The Centre for Ageing Better, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and the Department of Work & Pensions have announced the ‘Greater Manchester Employment Support for Over-50s’ pilot programme to tackle worklessness in over-50s.

Older jobseekers in the Greater Manchester area will be at the centre of a new pilot being developed to help over-50s to rejoin the workforce.

In the UK the average worker already works 32 hours a week. But the average masks a division for some who would prefer more hours and others less.

How can the right local leadership make the changes urgently needed for better later lives?

The Marmot Review 2020 reveals that life expectancy has failed to increase for the first time in more than 100 years, and for the poorest 10% of women it has actually declined.

Leadership is needed locally as well as nationally if we’re all going to benefit equally from our longer lives. A key source of that leadership must be local government.  

New analysis from Ageing Better shows unacceptable inequalities in how long, and how healthily, babies born today in different parts of England can expect to live.