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Latest news

There continues to be a worrying gap in healthy life expectancy between rich and poor.

Almost none of the UK’s homes are accessible for people with a disability, and many are poorly insulated and excessively cold.

The Government has launched the 'Disabled Facilities Grant and other adaptations: external review'.

As working lives and retirement patterns change, employers need to talk more openly with their staff about retirement to help them prepare for this major life transition.

International Volunteers Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the diverse contributions people make in their community.

Leeds welcomed the Portuguese Aga Khan Foundation as part of their week-long study visit to the UK.

An age-friendly cultural exchange in the Netherlands took place, where successes and challenges were shared by colleagues and cultural visits were had.

An open letter to the Home Builders Federation, which has raised objections against local councils wanting to build accessible new homes.

Volunteering needs to be flexible enough to fit around changes to people’s lives, like ill health, bereavement or the need to care for loved ones.