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Connected communities

Our goal is to see an increase in the proportion of people aged 50 and over who report they feel they strongly belong to their neighbourhood.

We will help create the physical environment necessary to build connections, remove barriers to participation and support more local areas to become age-friendly so that everyone feels part of a community.

Relationships are what matter most to us all in the end. We rely on people close to us when we experience ill health, disability or bereavement. Everyday social connections matter too: we know many people in later life feel isolated, without a sense of belonging to their community. 

As we approach later life, we need opportunities to build strong and supportive relationships across generations and to live in communities that make it easier to stay active and connected. 

Our communities make a big difference to the quality of our later lives, supporting social connections, promoting healthy activity and making us feel valued. The social fabric and the physical infrastructure within places are the glue that holds our communities together.   

But too few local areas recognise the importance of creating places that support people to age well, and there aren’t enough inclusive opportunities for people to participate in community activities and do the things they enjoy and that matter to them. 

Our aim is for more people approaching later life to be living in connected communities by helping to create places where social connection can thrive by: 

  • Age-friendly and inclusive volunteering: Removing barriers to participation and creating opportunities for people to do the things they enjoy and matter to them

  • UK Network of Age-friendly Communities: Encouraging and supporting more places to become age-friendly by growing the UK Network of Age-friendly Communities

  • Brokering collaborations across social and physical infrastructure to support age-friendly transport, planning and design

  • Understanding how community infrastructure supports participation in community life: we are learning from Leeds Neighbourhood Networks

Our programmes

Man approaching later life outside in an allotment with friends

Age-friendly and inclusive volunteering

Our aim is to see increased levels of participation in voluntary and community activity by people who are currently under-represented.

We want more people to live in age-friendly communities.

People walking in city centre

Leeds Neighbourhood Network

We're evaluating the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks in order to understand how community-based approaches can promote better health and participation in our communities.