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retirement card

Retirement transitions

We want more people to successfully manage the transition into retirement.

Retirement brings both loss and opportunity, and whilst many people enjoy it hugely, we know that others find the transition difficult. We want to ensure that more people are able to better manage this transition.

Managing major life changes
Why work on it?

Our recent research showed that one in five people who retired in the last five years found it difficult, and only around half (56%) of the people planning to retire in the next five years are looking forward to it. People were worried about managing their money (41%), feeling bored (33%) and missing their social connections from work (32%). Nearly a quarter worried about losing their purpose (24%).

Currently, most pre-retirement planning provision, focuses on the financial aspect of retiring. Support with the social and emotional aspects of retirement is rare.

We recently evaluated seven pilot pre-retirement courses focused on resilience building and emotional well-being, with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK). These courses showed promising outcomes in terms of participants’ confidence and attitudes to ageing, as well as a greater appreciation of the importance of their social relationships and the role they would play in their life in future.

We think that this is an area worth exploring further to help people to make the most of later life.

Having the time to think about that would make the next stage of my life good for me, and actually planning for achieving that has really helped me
What we're working on

We are working in partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK). Over the next few months, we’re reviewing the evidence and carrying out analysis to understand the range of experiences, and who finds it most challenging.

We’re evaluating the second phase of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK) Transitions in Later Life Projects, to strengthen our understanding of whether and how these psychosocial courses help people prepare for retirement. We’ll also explore what the benefits may be to employers in supporting their staff in this way.

We will also explore whether there are other methods and solutions which could support change, and work with others to pilot and implement them.

Evaluation of pilot projects: Supporting people through the transition into retirement

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Get involved
  • Are you are doing relevant research?
  • Do you have personal experience that could help inform the design of interventions and solutions?
  • We are also interested in what pre-retirement support employers and other organisations provide.
  • Are you running a programme to support people through retirement or working in this field?
  • Please get in touch if you have information to contribute or ideas you'd like to share.