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Safe housing

Safe and accessible homes

Our goal is that by 2030 there will be 1 million fewer homes defined as hazardous and half of all new homes will meet accessibility standards. 

We will work to ensure new homes are future proofed and that there is a diversity of suitable homes, that current homes are adapted, and better information is available for people approaching later life.

Our housing stock is among the oldest in Europe with some of the highest associated health and care costs. Most people want to remain in their own home, but current housing stock is not suitable for us as we get older.  

Safe, good quality homes that meet our needs can maintain or improve our physical and mental health, wellbeing and social connections. Affordable housing is also essential to people’s financial security.  

Our aim is for more people to enter later life in safe and accessible homes that will support them to live independently for as long as possible by: 

  • Existing homes: Improving the condition and accessibility of existing housing

  • New homes: Increasing the diversity of suitable homes for people approaching later life who choose to move

Our programmes

Technician installing a grab rail

Existing homes

Our aim is for more people in later life to live in housing suited to their needs.

Wheelchair accessible home

New homes

Our aim is to help make every new home accessible and adaptable in order to provide diverse housing options for people approaching later life.