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Ageing and mobility: A grand challenge

Mobility and transport are key in helping people to remain healthy, active and connected in later life. This report explores how the current transport system is complex and fragmented, leading to barriers in innovation and collaboration to support healthier later lives.

The Grand Challenges on Healthy Ageing and the Future of Mobility offer an opportunity to stimulate the leadership and collaboration required to deliver the sustainable change which is needed to improve lives now and into the future.

We need to promote solutions that support active and healthy behaviours, such as walkable communities and active travel options. All of this will require a concerted effort and collaboration to address the hard issues of system fragmentation and complexity, which also act as barriers to innovation.

Included in the report are insights around accessible and inclusive new technologies, services and specific issues to address in their development.

This report provides analysis of evidence, experiences and insights gained from our strategic partnership work in two major UK cities (Greater Manchester and Leeds) as well as wider stakeholder engagement. It is intended to spark innovation and collaboration, promote discussions between a wide variety of stakeholders, and to help inform future research and activity.

Ageing and mobility: A grand challenge