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The State of Ageing in 2019

A snapshot of ageing today and the later life prospects for people currently in their 50s and 60s.

Older woman working by a railway

Our report shows that large numbers of people are at risk of spending later life in poverty, ill-health and hardship.

Front cover for State of Ageing in 2019, showing illustration of a world where everyone ages well

The State of Ageing in 2019: Adding life to our years

Our report gives a snapshot of ageing today and in the future, focusing on the areas we know make a difference to people’s later lives.

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A landmark report on the state of ageing in Britain shows that a significant proportion of the population is at risk of suffering poverty, ill-health and hardship in later life.
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Valerie an older woman sitting on a chair

Valerie’s voice

Valerie, 77, tells her story of retirement, driven by ill health and demands of work, which made it difficult to remain in employment.
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Our report 'The State of Ageing in 2019' reveals that Britain’s least well-off die younger and get sicker earlier than their wealthier peers.

Compared to the wealthiest quintile, the poorest quintile of men aged 50 and over are:

Stat on health of the poorest older men

When does old age begin?

Thumbnail of video, showing younger woman standing by graffiti