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Priorities for government: Transforming later lives

We are calling on the government to act with urgency, to put ageing at the heart of its policies and to take a truly cross-government approach. We must act now to secure a better future for everyone.

More of us are living longer than ever before – on average we are living ten years longer than our parents’ generation and nearly two decades longer than our grandparents’ generation. This social revolution has implications for every part of our society. Ageing is inevitable, but how we age is not. In every constituency across England there are deep seated inequalities in how we are ageing and how we experience later life. Millions of us risk missing out on a good later life. 

We've identified five priority areas where the government has the power to make positive change now: providing better housing, allowing people to enjoy a good and healthy later life, creating flexible workplaces, building communities so everyone has strong social connections and taking a cross-government approach to highlight the challenges and opportunities our ageing society brings.

Priorities for government: Transforming later lives