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Browse publications, including reports and infographics, on each of our four priorities and other areas of work.

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Latest publications

An exploration of what large employers are doing to support employees in their mid-life through to retirement, the delivery of interventions and the business context that led to interventions.

Showcasing four case studies, this report outlines the response to the recommendation to introduce a ‘mid-life MOT’ in John Cridland’s independent review of state pension age.

Summarising the findings of a scoping review on planning and preparing for later life, this report outlines the key enablers and barriers that people in mid-life face and the implications for both government and providers of services and information.

The older workforce is already a reality. This guide sets out five simple actions that employers can take now to improve the way they recruit, support and retain older workers.

We are living longer than ever before. Someone aged 65 today can expect to live to 85, nearly ten years longer than their parents’ generation.

As a society we need to wake up to the profound change in our longevity. The prospect of a 100-year life is an incredible opportunity, but we are woefully under prepared for it.

This report summarises the findings of a primary research project exploring the lived experiences of individuals who use home adaptations, and practitioners who work alongside them.

This new Fabian Society report explores what the left's agenda should be for older people's care. With contributions from Centre for Ageing Better Chair Lord Filkin, Barbara Keeley MP, Jim McMahon MP, Heather Wakefield and more.

This paper sets out the case for why NHS England should make some bold commitments to healthy ageing in its long-term plan and suggests some ideas for actions it could take and some areas for action with others.