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Too many older workers are being denied training and progression opportunities. This doesn't just hold them back, but our whole economy.

This review looks at the evidence around active labour market policies aimed at tackling the challenges of worklessness amongst those aged 50 and over.

A recent study by Canada Life Group Insurance suggest three out of four people plan to continue working beyond the age of 65 due to rising living costs.

Research by recruitment platform Rest Less suggests that the number of people in employment at age 70 or older is increasing

Planning for retirement is crucial to enjoying a happy, healthy later life, research shows.

New Aviva report shows more than a third of employees believe there is age discrimination in their workplace.

A recent report found that 370,000 women had left work, or were considering leaving, because they were struggling to deal with the symptoms of the menopause in the workplace.

Older workers are the workforce of the future. The ageing workforce is a trend that cannot be ignored by employers.


Qurab's voice

Qurab tells of her passion for the care industry after spending seven years caring for her daughter.

The latest statistics show that UK productivity fell at the end of last year, creating problems for the economy.

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