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Street scene, Werneth - Greater Manchester

4. Evaluate

An introduction to evaluating age-friendly successes and challenges.

Monitoring and evaluating progress of your age-friendly journey will help to identify successes and challenges and serve as the basis for defining priorities for future improvements. Collecting evidence on both the progress of implementing the age-friendly approach as well as its impact on local people’s lives is crucial to the success and sustainability of a communities’ efforts to become increasingly age-friendly.

Age-friendly programme cycle

Age-friendly Programme Cycle:  Evaluate

Why bother involving people in evaluation?
A practical tool from Evaluation Support Scotland to help organisations plan how to involve the people they work with in evaluation. 

Here is a selection of the key UK and international resources to support you in evaluating:

Research and evaluation framework for age-friendly cities
A practical resource for cities looking to develop age-inclusive programmes and initiatives – with key facts, evidence reviews and summaries for each of the World Health Organisation (WHO) age-friendly domains

Measuring the age-friendliness of cities: a guide to using indicators
A technical guide to selecting and using core indicators for establishing baselines, setting goals/targets, monitoring and evaluating age-friendly initiatives.

Evaluating your age-friendly community program: a step-by-step guide
This guide from AARP was developed to help communities document and evaluate their progress in becoming more age-friendly.

The Livability Index
This website is a tool to score neighbourhoods and communities across the United States for the services and amenities that most impact the lives of older people. 

Age-friendly communities evaluation guide: using indicators to measure progress
Developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada to promote the use of the Age-Friendly Communities model.

Healthy and Positive Ageing Indicators (HaPAI)
A web initiative from Ireland with a selection of links to a wide range of international positive ageing indicators.

An Age-friendly City  how far has London come?

This 2015 follow-up to London's earlier What makes a city age friendly? considers progress that has been made in the city since 2007. It summarises what matters for older people, identifies remaining problems and suggests possible solutions.