People are living longer

People are living longer

We are the Centre for Ageing Better

We want a society where everyone enjoys a good later life

We believe that more people living longer represents a huge opportunity for society. But changes are needed so more people enjoy good health, are financially secure, are socially connected, and have a purpose in later life.

We bring about change for people in later life today and for future generations. Practical solutions, research about what works best, and people’s own insight are all sources that we draw on to help make this change. We share this information and support others to act on it. We also try out new approaches to improving later lives.

We are an independent charitable foundation. We are funded by an endowment from the Big Lottery Fund. We are part of the network of What Works organisations that promote the better use of evidence.

Our goals

Our activities

Managing major life changes

We want more people to successfully manage the major changes that occur in later life such as retirement, becoming a carer, bereavement, or needing care. These changes can have a significant effect on the quality of life.

With around 700,000 people turning 65 each year, we are focussing on helping people manage the transition from paid work into retirement positively.

Being in fulfilling work

We want more people aged 50 years and over to be in fulfilling work.

Work is important financially but also keeps people socially connected. Work that suits the individual can keep people physically and mentally active and give a sense of purpose.

We are promoting age-friendly workplaces and finding new solutions to support people over 50 back into work.

Contributing to communities

We want more people in later life to contribute their skills, knowledge and experience to their communities.

Voluntary activities, formal civic roles and small acts of neighbourliness can all contribute significantly to personal wellbeing, and create stronger social connections.

We know that many people want to contribute but don’t know the best way to do it, or have the right opportunities to do so. We are working to make it easier to contribute to communities.

Keeping physically active

We want more people to be more physically active in later life.

Being more active has many benefits – it improves physical and mental health and enables people to stay connected to their family, friends and communities.

We are focussing on maintaining and improving muscle strength and balance because we know that this can help people in later life live independently and reduce the risk of falls.

Living in a suitable home and neighbourhood

We want more people to live in homes and neighbourhoods that support a good later life.

Living in suitable housing, a neighbourhood designed to be age-friendly and a supportive community can improve health and wellbeing, help people to develop and maintain social connections and help people feel in control.

We know that most people want to stay in their own home but few are well adapted for people's changing needs as they age. We are working to ensure current and new housing is designed and adapted for the ageing population.

Taking a local approach to ageing

We want more people to live in age-friendly communities, where people of all ages come together to make their physical and social environment better.

We are working in partnership with places that want to become more age-friendly, helping them find what makes the most difference in their local context.

What can you do to help?

We need to act now to improve later lives today and for future generations.


A previous version of this information contained a statistical error which has been corrected. Population projections are now accurate as per the ONS statistical bulletin 2015.