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A home entrance with a grab rail and a rolling walker.
A home entrance with a grab rail and a rolling walker.

Response to Government's Disabled Facilities Grant review

The Government has launched the 'Disabled Facilities Grant and other adaptations: external review'.

Living in a suitable home that is designed to be age-friendly can improve health and wellbeing and help people feel in control. Our housing lead responds to the Government's review...

An independent review of the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) in England, conducted by the University of the West of England, has been published on the Government's website.

Our Senior Evidence Manager, Dr Rachael Docking, has responded.

"The report is absolutely right to call for funding to support continuation of the DFG, along with more resource for providers and services, better information and advice for consumers, and greater flexibility in how funding can be spent.

"It’s worth taking seriously the idea of rebranding the DFG and related services. This should go together with improved design of aids and adaptations and more innovative and inclusive products.

"We urge the Government in their response to make the future-proofing of our housing stock a priority to enable people to live well in their own homes for longer."

Living in a suitable home and neighbourhood

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