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Other areas of work

Beyond our main areas of work, we work on broader issues that are important in changing society to ensure we have good later lives.

Our other areas of work currently include a focus inequalities in later life, planning and preparing, digital inclusion and wellbeing in later life.

To achieve our vision of better later lives, we focus on four priorities:

Our priorities are what people say matters most to the quality of their lives. We know that one of them alone can't achieve the impact we need and that progress on one of these leads to improvement in the others.

We also work across a number of wider issues that underpin our four priorities and are woven into our work to improve later lives.

While we want a society where everyone enjoys a good later life, we focus particularly on people who are at risk of missing out, such as those on low incomes and those more likely to experience health problems.

We know that planning and preparing is important if we are to have the kind of later life that we want. That’s why our focus is on those currently approaching later life, aged approximately between 50 and 70 – a group that makes up almost a quarter of the entire population.

We also know that there are now more people online in later life than ever before and that the internet is increasingly becoming the main way of connecting us with other people, services and information.

Our research into the factors of a good later life, completed in partnership with Ipsos MORI, helped us identify the key areas of focus for our subsequent work.

Other areas of work

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Inequalities in later life

Too many people today suffer in poor health, without access to decent care, live in unsuitable homes, in places that leave us feeling disconnected and lonely.

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Planning and preparing

We believe that planning and preparing for later life is important if we are to have the kind of later life that we want.

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Tackling ageism

We want to shift public attitudes to ageing and stamp out ageism.

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Digital inclusion

We want more people in later life to be able to get what they need and want from the internet.


Wellbeing in later life

We partnered with Ipsos MORI to undertake a major social research project exploring people’s wellbeing in later life.