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James Hingle
Digital Communications Assistant
James assists the communication team with editorial, strategic, creative and operational support.

James provides editorial, strategic, creative and operational support to the Communications team and other staff. Undertaking a variety of roles, he helps to monitor and manage our website, publish online content, maintain posts on social media and produce our e-newsletters.

Coming from a media background, he has previously worked for the weekly music publication Kerrang! Magazine and as a Staff Writer at talkRADIO. During his time with Kerrang! he held a variety of roles that saw him create video content, manage the content on Kerrang!’s website and social media as well as maintaining the Gig Guide section within the print publication. He later went on to join talkRADIO as a Staff Writer where he was responsible for creating original content from the stations’ shows, react to breaking news and schedule content through their various social media platforms.

He was also part of the talkRADIO team that was nominated for an ARIA award in 2018 for their coverage of the year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire.

He has a passion for creating content, writing about various topics and using evidence to give people accurate information that may affect their lives.

James joined the Centre for Ageing Better in April 2019.