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Ageing Better
Senior Evidence Manager
Christine leads our evidence strategy for our Connected Communities and Housing priority goals.

Christine leads the evidence strategy for the Connected Communities and Housing Priority Goal programmes of work, supports strategic research projects, and is the evidence lead for work in our localities partnerships.  She has over thirty years’ experience of policy- and practice-relevant research across local authority, consultancy, academic and charity sectors.  She has expertise in a range of policy areas, including community safety, services for children and families, improving access to quality secondary education at a national and international level, and equalities issues.

Previously, she was Head of Research at the Kusuma Trust UK where she led impact evaluations of innovative education programmes in India and forged partnerships with organisations dedicated to improving social mobility in the UK.  Earlier, she led a wide range of research projects in a policy research unit at the University College London with a particular focus on the lives of children and young people in and outside their families, particularly children in public care.     

She joined Ageing Better in 2020 and is committed to using evidence to make a positive difference to the lives of older people.